Corroding Sun


CORRODING SUN take you on a journey from the deepest abyss of the mind (Sentimental Disillusion, So Far Away), across the barren wastelands of human error and the ashes of civilization (Corroding Sun, Only The Stars) on towards the gates of fate and death and further beyond… (Towards My Fate, High Noon At Night, Final Dawn)
Armed with a tight and pounding rhythm section, heavy guitar riffs, revelling solos and diverse vocals, the CORRODING SUN rises behind the horizon of Metal and shines a new light onto its different stylistic interpretations, without shying away from emotions and fragility (Just Reflections).

Founded in 2015 CORRODING SUN from Germany (NRW) release their eponymous label debut with 7hard this summer. The album was professionally produced by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann (Orden Ogan, Brainstorm, Rhapsody Of Fire), who provided the melodic alloy of metal between Heavy, Death and beyond with a transparent and powerful sound.

Burn away all your tears in the light of the CORRODING SUN!

Corroding Sun (Photo by Barbara Anneser)